Chapter 8 Quiz
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The gonadotrophin sensitive pool of antral follicles begins to grow under the influence of:

Which of the following photographs would correspond to the highest estradiol secretion?

Which is the correct sequence of events?

The hormone responsible for follicular recruitment and early growth and development is _____.
Follicular waves are initiated

Elevated estradiol concentrations cause

The surge center in the hypothalamus secretes the GnRH surge in response to:

The gonadotropins of the cycle are:
Follicular atresia occurs after:

Elevated secretion of estradiol during the follicular phase causes ______ on the hypothalamus.
Based on your understanding of positive and negative feedback, what would you predict the blood gonadotropin concentrations of a menopausal woman would be?

The hormone that directly brings about ovulation is ____.
Negative feedback on the hypothalamus is caused by:

The hormone that selectively suppresses FSH secretion from the anterior pituitary is _____.
The hormone primarily responsible for final maturation of dominant follicles is ____.
The dominant steroid hormone during the follicular phase is _________.
Which of the following specimens represents the peak luteal phase?

The hormone controlling reproductive behavior is _______.
The process whereby developing follicles deteriorate is called _________.
Theca interna cells of the antral follicles synthesize and secrete _________.
Granulosal cells of the antral follicle synthesize and secrete _______.
What would happen if a 50 yr old woman didn't experience follicular depletion?

The hormone responsible for initiating final oocyte maturation and meiosis is ____.
Which is the MOST important cause of follicular wall degradation so that ovulation can occur?

Which of the following situations DOES NOT apply to the spontaneous ovulator?

The resumption of meiosis in the primary oocyte before the time of ovulation is thought to be brought about by

The follicular phase is initiated when _______ occurs.
In females that spontaneously ovulate, the GnRH surge occurs in response to:

______ and lysosomal enzymes are directly responsible for weakening the follicle wall.
In the induced (reflex) ovulator, the GnRH surge is stimulated by _________.
The formation of the first polar body represents the _____meiotic division.
During most of the female's life, the ovarian oocyte population is in a condition called _______.
What process is occuring between the arrows?