Research & Development

We are dedicated to amplifying traditional educational methods by developing digital techniques that increase understanding and reduce delivery time so that instructors and students can engage important concepts with maximum efficiency. Our research efforts are dedicated to the validation of our products before they are introduced to the marketplace.

Our specific research and development goals are to develop educational interventions that result in Higher Learning @ Higher Speeds.

Department of Education, IES SBIR Fast-Track Support

  • Developing and testing a digital educational approach for the delivery of complex concepts in reproductive science.
  • The prototype being developed and tested is called “Time Compressed Animated Delivery” (TCAD) and integrates two-dimensional graphic animations (Flash), 3-dimensional anatomical reconstructions and animations, voice over and script messaging.
  • Two experiments have been conducted and involved nearly 800 university students. In both experiments, students viewing the TCAD with 3-D animations significantly outperformed students who viewed the traditional classroom lecture.
  • As part of the current SBIR, Fast-Track contract, we are developing TCAD educational programs addressing: “The Menstrual Cycle and Oral Contraception”; “Parturition-The Process of Giving Birth”; “Assisted Reproductive Technologies” and” Lactation and Nursing”. Future research plans include determining if enhanced learning occurs across diverse topics in human reproductive health.