Pathways, 3rd Edition

Pathways to Parturition, 3rd Ed.This reproductive physiology textbook is used in over 140 universities around the world. It provides detailed specimen and full color graphics targeted specifically to students.

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Introduction to Reproduction

The Organization and Function of the Female Reproductive System

The Organization and Function of the Male Reproductive System

Embryogenesis of the Pituitary Gland and the Male or Female Reproductive System

Regulation of Reproduction / Nerves, Hormones and Target Tissues


Reproductive Cyclicity: Terminology and Basic Concepts, The Follicular Phase and the Luteal Phase

Endocrinology of the Male and Spermatogenesis

Reproductive Behavior

Spermatozoa in the Female Tract / Transport, Capacitation & Fertilization

Early Embryogenesis and Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy

Placentation, the Endocrinology of Gestation and Parturition

The Puerperium and Lactation